Diversity in hospitality industry

Whether you are considering a career in food services or you are already the manager of an establishment, you will certainly find some wisdom in Wentz's words. Statistics show that 8 million people are employed in the travel and tourism industry and the report further reported that 1.

Workplace Diversity in Hospitality & Tourism

Volume 25, Issue 2, pp. He was responsible for the creation of the Tourism Economic Development Council, a Bureau subsidiary that has implemented several new tourism improvement projects in the Detroit region, including highway beautification, convention center expansion studies, hospitality training, local and national image enhancement projects and other infrastructure enhancements.

International Hospitality Management

As global competition and market linkages to actual financial outcomes. Previously, Ford was executive vice president and chief information officer at The Associates First Capital Corporation. The Professional Caterer's Handbook: Walter joined the CVB staff in Whether you find yourself in charge of one important event or you have chosen event planning as a career, you want your events to be incredibly successful and remembered for years to come.

Driving performance through your people

His business management experience runs the gamut from entrepreneur to corporate leader. He also returned to campus to sit on an alumni panel to share his experiences with current HTM students.

Workplace diversity in hospitality and tourism is therefore a key factor in facilitating cultural exchange on a global level. He currently serves on the board of NCBMP, advisor to TPOC, maintains memberships or participations in over 60 local, national or regional associations and organizations.

This cultural knowledge cannot be left in the hands of personnel who even with the best intentions, might not completely appreciate and accommodate people from around the world.

He has over 19 years in the tourism industry, developing specific expertise in multicultural and Caribbean tourism. Since your industry requires flexibility due to long operating hours and seasonality, you have every reason to embrace cultural differences that may demand flexible schedules.

Whether in a lead or support role, Jay exemplifies the meaning of professionalism, salesmanship and being a true colleague. Originally hired as account manager, Johnson worked her way up the ladder and was promoted to director of sales. Simply review the plus polices already written for you, and insert your own information when prompted.

The primary purpose of this policies of various enterprises, have conducted study was to identify the attributes that guests researches realising that on average a hotel of would prefer in a green hotel room.

Wallace has more than 25 years experience in the convention and facility management industry. During my time at Virginia Tech I developed relationships with executives in the industry that have only grown stronger since.

Manns has implemented several innovative programs, which complement the rich diversity and influential community in DeKalb. Moreover, they make plans in international hospitality employees, the former order to exceed the requirements of the airline mainly from the Eastern Neighbouring Countries industry through technology advancements Hall et and the latter mostly from Latin America.

Doubtless, workplace diversity also helps you cultivate a positive reputation among your clientele, and this is a concrete benefit.

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If the other company has a dubious corporate culture relative to yours, you may stand a chance of retaining the employee. Outside of the Caribbean she serves on the board of directors for the Travel Industry Association of America, a nonprofit organization that represents the common interests of the U.

Hospitality & Tourism Management

If you have underrepresented staff, connect them with a mentor of similar background, ideally within your own organization. Alexander also created the Detroit Metro Sports Commission, another wholly-owned Bureau subsidiary charged with marketing the region as a destination to host marquee sporting events as well as amateur sports.

Ask your leaders to check their social networks.Global Hospitality Educators (GHE) represents no single organization but rather is a clearinghouse of information. We post global faculty job advertisements and announcements for hospitality and tourism higher education.

The real-estate investment trust sector has named a record number of women to board positions in The hospitality industry tends toward inherent diversity, but don’t let this lull you into complacency. There’s always room for improvement—and remember: this is a long term investment.

You won’t see returns right away. the hospitality industry of the United States, managing cultural diversity is becoming a challenging issue in this industry, especially to HR managers (Holaday, ). Purpose. The globalization of the hospitality industry is a perfect fit for anyone seeking diversity in the workforce.

In addition, certain laws and protections have been put. Location, Location, Location. Students with a passion for hospitality will find no better place to learn than Hospitality Hall, located in the heart of the UNLV campus, just blocks away from the greatest laboratory in the world—the Las Vegas Strip.

Diversity in hospitality industry
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