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There are three major cities: It is one the poorest states in the country, with ghetto-like camps and a lack of basic services and opportunities. Both countries agreed to complete a voluntary repatriation in two years.

The Pala rulers of Bengal 8th to 12th century —who were Buddhists and whose religious language was Pali—did not inhibit the emergence of a colloquial tongue known as Gaudiya Prakrit, the language from which Bengali developed. These individuals migrated from the east Indian state of Bihar to East Pakistan in during the division of the country.

At the National Convention which drafted the Constitutional principles, every single one of the proposals by ethnic representatives that would give more power, autonomy and protection of ethnic cultures was rejected by the dictatorship.

Many Bangladeshis, however, live and work abroad—especially in India. Hence, the above expression made by this author is not acceptable in anthropology or sociology. Bangladesh considers most of those who have crossed its borders and are living outside of camps as having "illegally infiltrated" the country.

They were mentioned on the same column, although on two different pages, and one population figure has been given for this ethnic group. The inclusion of the ex-tribal groups in the list of tribes also creates confusion.

Ethnic cleansing

Thus mention may be made of the works of Bernot ; ;Bessaignet ;BraunsKauffmanLevi-Strauss a; band Sopher ; As a result of the law, their rights to study, work, travel, marry, practice their religion and access health services have been and continue to be restricted.

The people who call themselves Marma are called Mog or Mogh by the Bengali. The same is the case with the only book, Pakistaner Upajatipublished by the Pakistan Government.

Rural settlement The rural area throughout Bangladesh is so thickly settled that it is often difficult to distinguish any well-defined pattern of individual villages.

Around one million Indonesians with various degrees of mixed ancestry today can trace their ancestry to Europeans. Non-Bengalis—consisting primarily of smaller indigenous groups—constitute only a tiny fraction of the population.

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Similar settlements are found in the Chittagong Hills and in the hilly segment of the southern Sylhet region. Languages Bengali Banglathe national language of Bangladesh, belongs to the Indo-Aryan group of languages and is related to Sanskrit.

In December ofEast Pakistan became Bangladesh, and all of the Pakistani soldiers and civilians evacuated the area. But they use a different name perhaps to distinguish themselves from those in the Chittagong area cf.

Treating the branches of a major ethnic group as separate ethnic groups is perhaps the result of an exact report of what people said.

Who are the Rohingya?

Faced with this situation thousands have left their homes. To avoid this kind of confusion and also to avoid the term "tribe" or "tribal group," the different groups of people covered in this paper have been referred to as "ethnic communities" or "ethnic groups.

The contention that contemporary Bengali Muslims are all descended from lower-caste Hindus who had converted to Islam, then, is clearly incorrect; a substantial proportion are descendants of Muslims who reached the subcontinent from elsewhere.

Ethnic languages are not "dialects" of the Bengali langua'ge as Sattar thought. Ina new citizenship law was passed, effectively rendering the Rohingya stateless. Indian people also had settled the Indonesian archipelago; however, their number is not as large as that of Chinese Indonesians.Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic or racial groups from a given territory by a more powerful ethnic group, often with the intent of making it ethnically homogeneous.

[page needed] The forces applied may be various forms of forced migration (deportation, population transfer), intimidation, as well as genocide and. Crisis Group’s early-warning Watch List identifies up to ten countries and regions at risk of conflict or escalation of violence.

In these situations, early action, driven or supported by the EU and its member states, would generate stronger prospects for peace. It includes a global overview, regional summaries, and detailed analysis on select countries and.

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There are over ethnic groups in Indonesia including Javanese, Sundanese, and Batak. Based on ethnic group, the largest ethnic group in Indonesia is the Javanese who make up about 40% of the total population.

The Javanese are concentrated on the island of Java but millions have migrated to other islands throughout the archipelago.

How Aung San Suu Kyi sees the Rohingya crisis

Media caption Watch: Drone footage from the DEC shows the extent of sprawling camps on the Bangladesh border. The UN says the Rohingya's situation is the "world's fastest growing refugee crisis.

Ethnic group of bangladesh
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