Igcse chemistry coursework

I drew 6 different graphs for this investigation. United Kingdom[ edit ] This section needs to be updated. I made sure that I had everything before I started. This shows that as you increase the independent variable the concentrationthe other variable the time taken for the experimentwent down.

There are 2 outliers Improvements and further investigations: Sodium thiosulphate is a colourless, crystal like compound and is used for dyes and is also a salt.

I could test this by asking one of my peers to follow the instructions and then asking for their feedback. I did, however find some outliers Igcse chemistry coursework my results.

IGCSE Chemistry

Graphs All of the graphs that I drew for this investigation show a negative correlation. We prepare students to be world-ready and we discuss recent discoveries and career prospects in our chemistry programme. You should have the ability to follow a logical sequence of instructions and to be able to recall factual material.

It is often used as a chemical intermediate and in petroleum production, food processing, pickling, and metal cleaning. How is the course assessed? We also crafted lesson plans and materials that closely follow the college-based assessment. Wow thanks for that.

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The results for 1, 2 and 4M keep showing outliers. I have used reliable resources to research this information and it all confirms my conclusion.

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The points in the top right are quite far down so this shows a negative correlation. The star is one of many billions of stars in a galaxy which, in turn, is one of many billion galaxies in a constantly expanding Universe. I have highlighted the 2M results on my tables because it seems as though there is a problem with that set.

Volcanoes shot molten rock and gases from this surface and the first atmosphere mainly carbon dioxide and water vapour was formed. I wrote down my results and then moved on to the next concentration of sodium thiosulphate. These are areas such as: The size of the error bars is quite small so I think I can say that my data is quite accurate except for the 2M result which is quite a long error bar.If you wish to take Chemistry exams in (or later years), you will need to study our IGCSE Chemistry course which does not include coursework.

Key Topics Covered Our GCSE Chemistry course covered the entire syllabus in 27 lessons dealing with the following topics. MUFY Chemistry. The Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is a pathway that provides the academic bridge for students to progress successfully to undergraduate studies at Monash palmolive2day.comment of MUFY chemistry comprises a mix of 50%.

The Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry syllabus enables learners to understand the technological world in which they live, and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments.

Learners gain an understanding of the basic principles of Chemistry through a mix of theoretical and practical studies.

How the new GCSE grading system works. Today is results day for GCSE exams. There have been significant changes in the way that grades are recorded and reported, and many people are confused about the new system.

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry, Fourth edition matches the requirements of the Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry syllabus (). It is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations for use with their. The IGCSE chemistry is an internationally renowned qualification that is recognised worldwide by universities, schools and employers as equivalent in status and academic rigour to a UK GCSE.

As well as providing an excellent knowledge base in chemistry, the IGCSE chemistry course is ideal for.

Igcse chemistry coursework
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