Old spice the man your man

During the six months of the campaign, they generated more than 1. It looks like total Old Spice sales may be up after all, even if sales of Red Zone body wash alone are down, according to Brandweek, which would render this entire post a wash By waiting a whole year to launch a new campaign it would require an entirely new strategy and budget to reengage the once passionate fans.

This would benefit fitness-clubs and give their targeted segment a chance to try Old Spice. Thanks to the TV ad, millions of people—women, especially—now felt something for Isaiah Mustafa, and were linking his manly abs to the Old Spice brand.

Make it easier to interact with the brand: Followthrough counts for a lot in the Thank You Economy. Then they started talking about it on Facebook and Twitter and making spoof videos on YouTube. The campaign reached a climax this week as the Old Spice Guy filmed more than improvised videos replying to questions and requests from Twitter users.

How he says it With confidence, and panache.

Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Not bad for a spot hawking body wash. Consumers are more loyal to a brand if they feel a sense of ownership. The videos would be uploaded to Vine and people would vote for a winner in every city. It would also be easier to differentiate between the two segments for future advertising purposes: But sales of the featured product--Red Zone After Hours Body Wash--aren't necessarily tracking with that consumer appeal: The significance of this in the commercial is to plant the idea of prosperity in the mind of the consumer.

For example, sales of Old Spice Body Wash, which were already on the rise, rose sharply—by 55 percent—over the three months following the first aired TV commercial, then soared by percent a statistic that included me, because I bought my first stick of Old Spice during that time around the time the response videos began showing, but some seem to question whether the uptick might have been due to a two-for-one coupon promotion rather than a well-integrated social media campaign.

In the short-run, the Old Spice campaign was a huge success and became a flagship within social media marketing. The earned media was fierce. This my friends is how you want your speeches and presentations to work.

The value and reach of that media coverage has to be worth far more than a bunch of full-page print ads in Maxim or Cosmo. I was sure that Old Spice planned to use the information it has on its almostTwitter followers to start engaging with each and every one of them on a personal, meaningful level.

This would give Old Spice the opportunity to introduce someone fresh, while at the same time avoiding loosing the many dedicated Mustafa fans.

Old Spice-The Man your man could smell like

It depends on whom you ask. Every one of those people should have received an email, thanking the followers for watching the videos and offering them a reason to keep checking in. It depends on whom you ask. But when used properly, micro trends can provide a fresh channel by which brands can tell their story to a new audience.

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As of Septemberalmost two months after Old Spice ambushed Twitter, the Old Spice account has tweeted only twenty-three times, and not one of the tweets talks or interacts with an actual person or user of the brand.

A significant part of the success generated was owed to the excellent acting of the former football-player Isaiah Mustafa.

I wanted to portray both the fun and sexy side of fitness. Making Your Brand Shareable The Old Spice ads are infinitely shareable — especially those featuring popular viral themes such as online marriage proposals — a concept that Brittney Maxfield, corporate communications manager at VitalSmarts, adopted when creating an Old Spice-themed campaign for the book Crucial Conversations.

By Gary Vaynerchuk 7 minute Read Unless you were living under a rock, you probably saw at least one of the Old Spice commercials starring Isaiah Mustafa that began airing the day after the Super Bowl. Worse, though, are the many, many more who simply forgot about the brand, and about how much fun they had interacting with it.

Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Indeed our experience of reality as our truth is crafted in language. You tell me " -- is hugely popular but sales of the product are going down. Every one of those people should have received an email, thanking the followers for watching the videos and offering them a reason to keep checking in.Mar 16,  · Obviously, Mr.

Who loves the old spice commercial?!?!?

Colton was not talking about the success of the Old Spice campaign (seeing as how he lived during the 17 Mashable We're using cookies to improve your experience.

Old Spice Man unknown A legendary creature whose swan dive is majestic and his mating call is a snap of his fingers, attracting worthy females from across the lands. Everyman wishes to be an Old Spice man. InOld Spice launched a series of humorous commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” They are incredibly successful commercials, albeit strange.

Portrayed in them are grandiose and lavish lifestyles featuring costly. In the case of The Old Spice Man, the character is meant to appeal to women (hey, most men don't wear a scent to please other men) with manly insult humor that would appeal to men. Your girlfriend wants to be with a man, that smells like a man!

Case Study: Old Spice Response Campaign

Available to purchase from most high street retailers or alternatively online. Oct 29,  · The man lists numerous things that Old Spice actually does not make happen, that makes them logical fallacies.

It is bringing in the audience of younger generations of men to believe that women can be impressed if the men smell good like Old Spice.

Old spice the man your man
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